Chirrick Field needs your help!!



Chirrick Field has been a mainstay of Heights Little League for as long as locals can remember. It is impossible to quantify the amount of lifelong memories that have been created on this field for our local Height’s youth. Weather, time and vandalism have taken a toll on Chirrick Field and it needs our attention. Current and past members of HNLL ask that you consider making a donation to help us make vital repairs and upgrades.

We have four main areas needing attention and funding:

1. Batting Cage – We need a new batting cage net and replacement of the center batting cage frame poles. The previous net has been weathered and there are numerous holes that are well beyond repair. The center poles of the batting cage frame are severely damaged and need to be replaced. There is the hope that enough funds can be raised to enable the additional of a artificial turf surface concrete base for safe consistent footing for our players.

2. Replacement of the Backstop Fencing – The backstop has rusted and there are numerous sites where the fence barbs are free from the cross posts and protrude into the field. Unfortunately this is beyond repair and is a substantial injury risk to our players. We would like to remove the older rusted fencing, paint the existing fence posts and a apply new safer fencing.

3. Repairs, Painting and Upgrading our Structures (concession stand, storage shed and dugouts) – Vandalism and weathering are the main factors necessitating these repairs. All of these structures need painting, the concession stand soffit needs to be replaced, the shed trim and roofing needs to be removed and replaced, and our dugout benches should be replaced. We are hopeful that adequate funding will be attained to allow for a proper speaker/announcement system to be installed.

4. Infield Repair – Improper dirt application and lack of groundwork repair have necessitated stripping and proper application of the infield top layer. This needs to be done to ensure proper safe footing and infield ground balls.

HNLL greatly appreciates your potential donation to enable us to make these necessary repairs and upgrades to Chirrick Field.

If anyone has any specific question or would like to volunteer to help in these repairs, please feel free to contact DJ Smith at [email protected]

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